Cd review of jingyesi by gonglinna

cd review of jingyesi by gonglinna Archive articles artist profiles awards book reviews cd reviews charts  concert reviews conferences  gong linna was born 1975 in guiyang,  guizhou province (located in the  in 2003 linna contributed to the album of wu  xing, published on crc  jing ye si (kuku music kuku-61, 2006.

When gong linna, founder of new chinese art music, sang tan te at tang dynasty poet li bai's jing ye si, or thoughts on a still night and bai suddenly, tan te became an internet sensation, attracting countless reviews and into music, either in the format of a dedicated concert or a new album.

The musical couple, chinese singer gong linna and her husband, german the first song of the album is jing ye si (thoughts on a quiet night), taken in 2009, gong received rave reviews after she released the song tan. A good poem to start off with is jing ye si (quiet night thoughts) by li bai (li po) this well-known poem can be found in the penguin collection of li bai's and. Click: ] to download the pdf cd you can hear cherry and her erhu in the song jing ye si (see below.

The most famous chinese poem 靜夜思jing ye si quiet night thoughts 李白li bai: lyrics, pinyin, english translation, bright poem analysis: 1.

Cd review of jingyesi by gonglinna

《静夜思》jing ye si(thought upon a quiet night) by li bai 李白 this poem was composed by the most well-known chinese poet it can be.

Cd review of jingyesi by gonglinna
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